The Writing: What's your favorite letter from The Reading in 2020?

Hi everyone,

My hope is that The Reading has touched your life in some way. The support and love you’ve shown me, both here and in the (online) world, has reminded me that even small weekly letters can assuage the lonely difficulties we encounter as writers, sometimes even change our lives. It’s certainly changed mine: I’ve already accomplished the main thing I sought to do by starting this newsletter in July (and I can’t believe how much prose I’ve written since then).

I’d love to put together a best-of roundup for 2020, and what better way to do that than ask the community here? Whether you’ve been a part of this community since the very beginning or if you just subscribed today(!), I’d love to know which letters have helped you most, which letters you’ve sent to friends, and which letters you hope to see in the future, or whatever you think of as “best.”

Today’s question is open to everyone: What's your favorite letter from The Reading in 2020?

Each comment will be a vote! I will also count “likes” toward that letter if someone has already mentioned it. I’ll be around for the next 24 hours and will send the results (and an index of every letter) on Sunday!